Natasha's night atop London! | Party preview

A Message From PTP

Life's so easy when you have the right recipe - a stunning new venue with views across London, gorgeous weather, the top PTP associates and Fusion videographer, awesome music, fantastic food, party-crazy crowd and, most important of all, the loveliest family and Batmitzvah girl! So it's no surprise that Annabel, Marta and James came out after the party absolutely buzzing - I met them on the pavement outside at midnight having made my way from Joe's Barmi party where I had been working across town. They couldn't stop going on about what a great night it had been - effortless planing & execution from our mates at Uptown with an exciting new venue to enjoy and a brilliant party atmosphere the whole time! I was well jel but then I'd just had the same at Coq d'Argent so can't complain! Above are our favourite shots and below is Natasha's funky musical slideshow. And at the bottom is Natasha's 20-minute "Fusion" film - photos & video, courtesy of James Small our videographer & editor.