Day in the Life

A Message From PTP

We all need advice and help when planning our big day. Relying on friends is normally the best way. But doesn't the idea of getting advice directly from the married couple make as much sense? Instead of relying on "independent" or "impartial" wedding blog sites, I decided to launch "Day in the Life" online photo diaries.This new project allows brides & grooms to talk honestly about what mattered to them in the build-up to their wedding day, how the day itself went, and how they felt afterwards. This is not the same as just feedback on our photography. As you'll see from these examples, there's lots of ideas on lots of other topics too.Click the album images below and enjoy!Bonnie & Adam, The Grove March 2015 - blog postLauren & Keith, The Savoy January 2015 - blog postSarah & Bernard, Crazy Bear July 2014 - blog postLucy & David, The Savoy May 2013 - blog post