Claudia & Benji | Sandridge

Forever Session

A Message From PTP

I always cherish those opportunities to work with clients who go out of their way to make their wedding theirs. To stamp their own personlity and individual characters on how the day will run, the look & feel of the venue, the relative importance given to different parts of the event. It's their day and they want to do it their way.

When I first chatted with Claudia on the phone I realised that she had been recommended by one of our most famous and favourite wedding clients a few years ago. Claudia was so excited to chat through different ideas with me and was a great listener to my input. And what it boils down to is this - Claudia lives in a beautiful village near St Albans right by some fields where as a child she often went horse-riding. When Benji agreed that a central London hotel just wasn't for them, he suggested that they hold their wedding in the fields behind Claudia's home.

Fast forward to their engagement shoot a few days ago and we are in the fields where the marquee will be for the reception, and in a different field where the Jewish chuppah ceremony will be held. We talked through logistics, the ebb & flow of moving their guests from field to field. And they kissed a lot!

And we all had the same sense of excitement for what will be a truly personal, individual and special Jewish wedding. Can't wait for August ....